Finding Care for an Aging Senior Loved One

If you have an aging parent or other relative or friend, you may find yourself looking for care for them in their later years.

Looking for care for an aging senior care can be stressful and the options may seem overwhelming.

Eden Springs Behavioral Center can help when you find yourself in need of guidance regarding geriatric mental health disorders such as depression, dementia, anxiety and more. Reaching out to find this professional help by a physician can help improve the quality of life for your relative and for you.

However, you may also need help in locating services that help with things involving things such as finances, daily living, assisted living or in-home care. Following are some great resources for Caregivers and Seniors alike in navigating the responsibilities of caring for an aging relative:

If you or someone you love needs help with an issue involving a loved one, visiting an Abilene mental health professional can be helpful. Contact Eden Springs Behavioral Center at 325-754-8002 or click here.